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The Taming of the Shrew

Yeah, I'm a fucking princess...
4 October
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My journal is back to Friends Only due to some unsolicited cnutishness recently. If you want me to add you, leave me a comment and chances are I will. Unless you are a complete tool that is. If you piss me off, I will ban your arse swiftly, harshly and without mercy. Do not test me on this point.

A Few Facts

[x] My name is Dominique Dimmick.
[x] This astonishing man is my husband and owns my heart & soul.
[x] My friends rock my world.
[x] I do not care what you think.
[x] I am an elitist bitch.
[x] I am not a goth, I'm a deathrocker. Apparently.
[x] I am all about the bigness of the hair and the shortness of the skirts.
[x] I am vain and cynical.
[x] I am a melodramatic loony.
[x] I write a LOT in my LJ.
[x] I am not politically correct.
[x] I am opinionated and loud.
[x] Music, art and literature make it all worthwhile.
[x] I rarely take anything seriously. Life is too short.
[x] I am the Evil Overlord of the now infamous _fucktards_ community.
[x] I also run retail_whores.

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